Fusionmint - Asana Alternative

How does Fusionmint Compare to Asana

Asana is a very popular and widely used project management software, it's simple and easy to use and works well for a small team. But as your business grows, you realize that you need more than just a project management software to manage customer communication, share files with your team, track team progress and so on. This is where Fusionmint helps you to manage all these aspects of your business with a single product.

Data Management Asana Fusionmint
Task Dashboard
Dashboards and charts to monitor tasks for projects
Similar feature support across projects and workspaces
Custom Application
No support
Custom apps and fields for running any kind of business
Application Integration
Limited support
2 way integration with Dropbox, Google gSuite and more...
Workflow Automation
No support
Custom workflow setup for automating many manual tasks
Administration Asana Fusionmint
Role Based Access
Admin and light roles only, no custom roles
Custom roles based flexible access control, easy to setup and administer
Granular Access
No support
Custom rules to control access to apps and fields (view, create, edit, delete)
Other Features Asana Fusionmint
Marketing Automation
No support
Email marketing campaigns and automation
Sales Automation
No support
Sales automation support with full customization

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