Fusionmint - Podio Alternative

How does Fusionmint Compare to Podio

Podio focuses more on the social aspects of collaboration and openness for everyone in team as a model for running business operations. This may work in an ideal world, but collaboration rarely happens in vaccuum. You have a mix of your colleagues, customers, vendors and contractors working on shared data and not everyone should have same access rights to your confidential business data. Apart from that, data management is also not the primary focus, except the developer API, it's not easy to get your data into and outside of Podio.

We on the other hand, focus more on giving you different ways of getting your data into and outside of Fusionmint to avoid any data lock-in issues. Integration with 3rd party apps like Dropbox, Google Suite (Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Docs) is another focus area we are working really hard to make it easy for apps to talk to each other. Workflow automation is another key foundation of Fusionmint to help you automate key aspects of your business operations. Secure collaboration tools help you work with a wide team network of customers, vendors and contractors, keeping your data secure and easy to administer.

Data Management Podio Fusionmint
Display and Editing
Limited table views and editing capabilities
Grid editor with custom table views, column freeze, in-column search, multi-column sorting and in-line editing
Form Layout
Top down field listing, cluttered view and no grouping
Custom form layout for fields, with multiple columns and field grouping
Task Dashboard
No support
Dashboards and charts to monitor tasks across projects and workspaces
Administration Podio Fusionmint
Role Based Access
Admin and light roles only, no custom roles
Custom roles based flexible access control, easy to setup and administer
Granular Access
No support
Custom rules to control access to apps and fields (view, create, edit, delete)
Integration Podio Fusionmint
2 Way Sync
No support
Bi directional sync between Google Drive, Dropbox and more apps...
Cross Linking
No support
Reference Google Drive, Dropbox and other apps with custom apps
Automated Excel Import
Manual import only
Automated and recurring excel import from Google Drive, Dropbox with custom apps
Other Features Podio Fusionmint
Marketing Campaigns
Limited 3rd party support
Simple setup, with link tracking and analytics
Sales Territories
No support
Custom rule based support, easy to setup

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