Your Favourite Apps Right Here

Work with your favourite apps that you use to run your business right inside Fusionmint. Email Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Helpdesk, File Sharing, Social Media apps and more coming soon!

Increased Productivity and Seamless Integration

No need to flip between different browser windows and tabs to look for your data. Everything is right here, all in one place. This also makes integration with your custom business apps a lot more easier.

Cross Linking and Workflow Automation

You can link third-party apps with your custom apps and create automation rules that let you integrate them easily. Create folders for your data automatically in File Sharing apps, auto-generate documents and invoices and sync automatically to your Accounting apps and much more.

Granular Access Control

Manage access to your third-party apps just like you do for your custom apps. This gives you a lot more flexibility in sharing business data with your team while keeping your private and confidential data hidden from them.

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