Better Data Management

Use grid editor to handle your apps and data. Features like column freeze, in-column search, multi-column sorting and in-line editing let your work your business data efficiently.

Use custom table views to slice and dice large data-sets into segments to give you a better overview of your business.

Custom Application Builder

Reduce paperwork and build the apps that your business needs. Custom apps can be cross linked with third party apps like Google Drive, Quickbooks ... to build efficient workflows that can automate most of your business.

Form Layout Designer

Complex applications with large number of fields can be simplified with form designer that can be used to create multi-column sections and organize similar fields in groups. This helps in better data organization and makes understanding of complex business operations simple and easy for everyone.

Role Based Access

Large teams can be easily split into Roles that are based on business profile of users. This not only simplifies team administration but also helps you in managing security of different aspects of your business inside Fusionmint.

Granular Access Control

Combined with Roles, you can easily control who gets to see your applications. Based on user profile and nature of your business, you can hide critical aspects of your business like confidential financial information and things that you do not want others to see.

This simplifies the overall design and administration of your business operations inside Fusionmint and helps you to scale easily by giving you more time to grow your business and spend less time on administration.

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