Sales & Marketing CRM

Companies, Contacts, Deals

Manage all your Sales and Marketing data about Companies, Contacts, Deals and more all in one place. These apps can be further extended with additional fields for your business and can also be linked with custom apps or third-party apps like Google Drive, Quickbooks...

So your Deal documents can be managed externally in Google Drive and you can work offline on documents during travelling. Once you are back online all your work in Google Drive is synchronized with Fusionmint.

Sales Territories

Your Sales team can be easily structured into groups inside Fusionmint and can be allowed access to only territory data. This avoids conflicts among Sales reps. and also allows Sales Managers and CXO's to have a region wise overview with very less administration overhead.

Email Auto-responder And Followup Sequences

Catch up with your inactive prospects and clients by setting up email responders. Setup transaction emails at critical timelines in your business workflow to keep them engaged.

Email Campaigns

Design your own email marketing campaigns to convert your leads into customers. Can be used to promote new product launch for leads or upselling to your existing customers base.